Our strong commitment with the Quality and the Environment have led to us the implantation an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, which is based on the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Certification of both standards, granted by Bureau Veritas Quality International on the 27th of November of 2003, fits to our continuous commitment for research and development of new products and systems in order to could offer the latest and high quality solutions, which are also respectful with the environment. On the other hand, both a checked experience and a tested use under the most adverse conditions throughout the world guarantee these solutions

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The Quality Certification under the ISO 9001:2000 standard for the design and manufacture of products has been a step more in the path which we began on the 28th June of 1997, when the first Quality Certification under ISO 9002:1994 standard 1994 was obtained.

The Quality is applicable to the whole factors that are involved in making that both products and services are optimum and are also a reflection of the procedures fulfilling by different teams of people who forms our organization, as well as those linked to the development of the activity

From the selection of raw material to the research, design and development of new products and productive processes, the whole personnel assume their responsibilities and goals, being the global objective, the quality of products and the service to the customer. All this effort, which is supplemented by a personalized service, a technical advice and a continual training for clients and applicators, allows us to concur toward a clear final goal: the conviction and the existence of the Total Quality.

This clear and final goal is guaranteed by our Organization, which has:

  • A wide selection of high quality products and systems have been confirmed by both external laboratories and experience proven in the development and performance of big projects to national and international level.
  • A own laboratory which is endowed with technical means and qualified personnel allows us to carry out a process of research and develop in order to confront with the new changes in the technology applied to the chemistry for the construction, as well as the quality control of production.
  • A teaching Centre, in order to transmit to our customers and collaborators the right information, which permits them in turn to develop a professional point of view for both product selection and solution system.
  • An operative capacity at an international level where DRIZORO, S.A. has been dealing in more than thirty countries and product quality competes with the worldwide top companies.
  • A permanent spirit of a better service to the customer.

Our sensibility and commitment with the environment, which forms part of the global scene of sustainable development are unquestionable and, they both have led to us for obtaining the environmental certification under the ISO 14001:2004 standard for the design and manufacture of the products in our facilities.

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This commitment leads to us adopt measures aimed at reducing the polluting emissions to both hydraulic resources and atmospheric, reducing the consumption of natural recourses, and a correct disposal of waste products. These measures are always made according to official regulations.

The whole personnel of DRIZORO , S.A. , is sensitised, trained and motivated with regard to the environmental questions in order to could confront their job with total responsibility in this aspect.

Product design according to the environmental regulations is made in the research and development laboratory. F rom beginning to end, t his design take into account the suppliers, raw materials, productive processes and finally customers are informed.

Quality and Environment Policy
Top management undertakes the commitment established in our Quality and Environment Policy of satisfying the customer requirements, setting a continuous improvement for the processes, training and motivate to the personnel, prevent the contamination, reduce the polluting emissions and fulfil the regulations.

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Policy is the basis in order to create a background for establishing the quality and environment goals for the organization. For this reason, top management approves annually a Plan of Goals and also endows it of adequate resources.

The responsible fulfilling of the assumed commitments in the Quality and Environment Policy will lead to us the satisfaction that our industrial activity contributes to keep a sustainable development for the Society.