The WEB of DRIZORO S.A.U. does not use Cookies or any other application that allows obtaining personal data without the consent of the affected party.

The data that we usually use are the name, company, telephone, email and reason for the consultation or type of management that is required by means of the form to which the user voluntarily accesses to request information and which entails the explicit acceptance before his treatment.

In addition, DRIZORO S.A.U informs users that they have the option of configuring their browser so that they are informed of the reception of cookies, allowing them to prevent these cookies from being installed on their hard drive if they wish.

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Finally, remember that you must update the table in the Cookies Policy document, indicating which Cookies your webpage will install on the users' devices.

Para ejercer estos derechos, el usuario deberá dirigirse mediante correo electrónico a la dirección o por teléfono al +34 91 676 66 76, debiendo acreditar todos los datos identificativos del usuario que realiza la petición.