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Asistencia técnica

The main elements that participate in the resolution of a problem are, the support that we should try, the products to use and their application techniques. Correctly preparation of this support for their treatment and the selection of the appropriate products, together with the most suitable system for the setting in work, will guarantee us a correct solution of the problem that we confront. In DRIZORO, aware of this reality, we only don't conform just selling good products for the construction, we go further on.

Our Technical Department, formed by engineers and architects with wide experience in the sector, provide professionally assist and in a personalized way so that you can choose the best solution to the outlined problem.

This advice contemplates the recommendation of the suitable products and the appropriate way for its setting in work. We also put at your disposal all the necessary resources to guarantee that the adopted solution works and the solution will be durable.

To achieve this objective we carry out courses of theoretical and practical formation, of our products and the problems that solve, guided toward the technical professionals, so much in our central offices as in the professional schools and there where they are demanded, we move to the place of the problem without caring their location and we facilitate them specialized companies for the realization of the works. The continuous formation of our commercial technicians, distributors and applicator clients assure us that they are in the appropriate disposition to recommend the best solution and they execute the application with the maximum reliability.

We are to their whole disposition for any technical consultation that you can need, solving quickly and agility all questions that you want to think about.